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Born Again?! Jesus and Nicodemus

This past weekend I had the opportunity and privilege to preach at Londonderry Presbyterian Church in Londonderry, New Hampshire. The church is the oldest continually worshipping Presbyterian congregation In New England. A few of us students and professors are helping the church during a transitional phase this Winter/Spring. We are walking through the Gospel of John and I had the true blessing to preach on John 3:1-15, Jesus’ heart to heart with the lost Pharisee Nicodemus. The whole unit of thought centers around an unasked question, “How does one come to know God?” To this deeper reality of Nicodemus’ longing, Jesus unpacks that one must be born again or born from above in order to know the spiritual realities of a relationship with God. If you would like to listen the sermon is found below. Soli Deo Gloria.

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