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Fenway Park

I am one lucky husband. As a graduation gift from Princeton Theological Seminary, my lovely wife purchased tickets to a Red Sox/Yankee duel at Fenway Park. As a die hard Red Sox fan my wife was speaking my love language. The tickets sat next to my desk and every time my eye caught them, my heart had a mini palpitation. And it wasn’t just a regular match-up, it was THE Sunday night highlight game of the week, televised nationally on ESPN. Great gift sweetie. We had just moved in to our new place and our moving help, my brother and Kim’s sister whom we couldn’t have done without, had just left. We drove down, parked for free mind you in Cambridge, and walked to the stadium. The streets surrounding the stadium were closed to autos and were filled with vendors and many boisterous fans. It was Red Sox heaven. I can only imagine what this place was like when they won the World Series in ’04 and ’07. As a long time Red Sox fan, it was a bit like coming home to a place I had never been before. As sojourners on this earth who long for our heavenly abode, so I longed for , in a non-heretical sense, the first game at Fenway Park. The seats were great and expectations met. This was how we kicked off our move from New Jersey to Massachusetts, in Holderman style.

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