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God’s Economy: Not Earned

This is a sermon from a class here at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary that I preached this past week. The course is PR 901 (Research Methods in Preaching) and we just so happened to have the opportunity to each give a sermon for critique and encouragement. This sermon is a short Gospel presentation from Romans 3:21-26 looking at the difference between the World’s Economy and God’s Economy (or the world’s way of doing things versus God’s way of doing things). The World’s Economy says “we must do something to earn something” and God’s Economy says “we do nothing and by God’s grace we are given everything.” This was my first attempt at preaching with nothing in front of me (i.e. manuscript, notes, outline) except for my Bible. It was stretching compared to Princeton’s manuscript method and enabled me to be a bit more conversational. Let me know what you think. Soli Deo Gloria.

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