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Happy Birthday Aurelius!

Yesterday was the birthday of the most influential theologian this world has known besides the Apostle Paul: Augustine of Hippo. Western Christianity, and Eastern, are indebted to God’s calling on his life. He truly was one with a heart set on fire for God alone. If you have not read his Confessions, it is a must read, especially book eight. Few books have had an impact in my own life as this wonderful exaltation of God. His words, in all his writings, have a tendency to catch you up in the glory and majesty of the one who created us. His words are potent because he was a man who truly knew His God deeply. May we as the people of God return often to the great works of people like Augustine, may we remember those whose shoulders we stand upon in the faith. Thank you Lord for St. Augustine. If you are looking to understand a bit of the man whose heart was set on flame for God, might I suggest John Piper’s Legacy of Sovereign Joy. It is a great introduction to the man and his passion for the truth of God. We are better Christians in the world today because of this man’s ardent search for truth. Happy birthday.


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