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Poem: The Desert

The child sits in the desert, feeling far from God and the warmth of His Son Life seems to regress and our faith feels like it’s cracking

The feet do not always fall upon lush ground, but rather parched pavement The desert has become both a physical and a spiritual place

But some animals adapt to the lack of moisture and learn to survive Some children learn a new way to cry out to God in their barren faith

Who would desire the desert? Who would want to watch faith evaporate? Thank the Lord that water is precious in the desert

For it is in the desert that we realize what really brings life: Living water and the warmth of the Son bring life

If it takes the desert to realize this afresh, then so be it The desert is rough, but the desert can be a tool for life

And O’ the joy of being called out of the desert Back into a land flowing with milk and honey

#Journey #Poem #Desert #Jesus #Hope

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