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Princeton: A Chapter Ends

We miss the many miles of mountain bike trails that we knew like the back of our hands. We miss the fireflies. We miss our daycation escapes to Pennsylvania and New York (because sometimes you just have to get out of Jersey). We miss quick trips into New York City on the train. We miss downtown Princeton, most especially Small World Coffee and the inspiring architecture of the University. We miss the Delaware River Valley. We miss a great church. We miss hunkering down during the great storms (Hurricane Irene and Snowmageddon). We miss living on a golf course. We miss the New Jersey MVC (hah!). We miss the great canal path along Carnegie Lake.

The list could go on and I think it’s important for us to realize that there is a list of great things we miss about the state of New Jersey (it was, and still is, easy for us to Jersey bash). But it is a unique place that God still created and we were honored to have our time in His grand “Garden State” creation. Our time in Princeton as a place has ended. But the relationships we nurtured will never cease and the lessons learned will never be far away. Our time in Princeton has come to an end.

Lord we praise you for a place we had the privilege to call home for three years. We praise you for how you led us there and we ask that you would lead us here in Massachusetts.

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