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Princeton: Community

Having had a bit of time to decompress from my Princeton Theological Seminary experience, I thought it would be beneficial to look back and see how the Lord has led me through my time there.

My time at Princeton Theological Seminary began just days after moving cross country from rural Idaho to the rather abrupt New Jersey. My time began in a class room with 15 or so other students all gathered for a Summer Greek intensive. I made my first friends in this class and felt like I had community. I don’t know what Kim and I would have done in New Jersey without the community that grew around us over our three years in Princeton. Jersey was a rough state to get used to coming from the mountainous and friendly West. The horn on our car may have been used once or twice out west, but without it in Jersey this might be a postmortem post. While we enjoy harping on Jersey, there were some blessings that came from our time there, chief among them good friends. Some of our deepest relationships were fostered in the mold infested apartments and times of deep pain and hardship. Seminary would have been a cemetery for my soul without the loving encouragement and camaraderie our friends extended.

We were blessed in our final year to be a part of a wonderful church community

When Kim and I think of our time at Princeton, we don’t think of the beautiful buildings, the wonderful restaurants, the architecture internship, the classes, the weather, the ridiculous state of Jersey, or the basement with standing water. We think of the community that God so abundantly blessed us with. We have never had a community so caring and devoted to friendship as we experienced in Princeton. Friends, you know who you are, thank you.

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