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Pulpit Supply

We came to Gloucester for the expressed purpose of studying Homiletics, preaching, at a great seminary. It was to be a year of intentional and intense study and application on the path to becoming a full-fledged pastor. And here I was being solicited for preaching help; it was a genuine confirmation that our discernment of the Lord’s direction to come to Gloucester was true. God moved at the coffee shop. It was a divine movement of confirmation and encouragement that we are in His hands and we had discerned well the decision to come to study.

I have met with the church’s interim pastor a few times now and have been blessed by him and our conversation. Through the Lord’s clear guidance, I will be helping Southside Bible Fellowship with preaching this Fall. You can read about the series we are going through together here: . I am honored and humbled to be a part of the preaching team. I hope the Lord speaks and encourages the congregation and I also hope that He will continue to mature me in my ability to speak words of truth. This is my first pulpit supply, and I’m glad it’s a place that I get to become acquainted with on more than one Sunday.

Lord I thank you for your guidance. Thank you for giving Kim and I strength to leave the familiar and plant in this New England soil. And Lord thank you for giving us continual reassurance that we are where you have called us. Lord I praise you for who you are and ask that those to whom I preach would praise you this day.

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