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Summer Greek…

A long awaited dream has finally come to fruitiion: I have taken my first seminary class.  Long have I felt the call from God to study for a theological degree at seminary.  It has begun and Lord willing will commence in three and a half years.  Greek, so far, is no where near as difficult as the hard-hitting-drills of Dr. Mohrlang’s Greek New Testament course at Whitworth, but I have a feeling Dr. Parsenios is easing us in as any compassionate professor should do.  Needless to say I am taking Greek again because I was forced to withdraw my first go around for the sake of my other classes and GPA.  I have this monkey on my back that I hope to pry off through weeks of intense study.  I am enjoying Greek and truly desire to read the Scriptures in the original languages.  Hopefully God will give me the diligence and strength to study to the best of my ability so that He might be glorified in the future translational skills that I hope to ascertain.

Princeton itself is a gorgeous quaint town filled with ivy covered walls and brick walkways.  As a family member said the other day while walking around the campus, I won’t say which one, it reminds them of a Hogwarts on flat ground.  Indeed if you have seen any Harry Potter movie, the campus does depict a very stone fortress appeal and has many passageways in which one could get lost if they didn’t have an internal compass to right themselves.  My favorite so far has to be the interior courtyards in the quads and I hope to do many hours of studying on the gargantuan stone benches.  The town is perfectly sized and filled with an assortment of shops and restaurants just waiting for a credit card to parouse.  Kim and I hope to see it all before we leave.  Our apartments are right next to the canal and we are a three minute walk from the gorgeous canalway that goes on for miles. Kim and the family left for New York this morning and I can’t wait till they return!  Here comes more greek!  Wish me luck.

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