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Timeless Quotes: Augustine

“Our own assertion, on the contrary, is this: that the human will is divinely assisted to do the right in such manner that, besides man’s creation with the endowment of freedom to choose, and besides the teaching by which he is instructed how he ought to live, he receives the Holy Spirit, whereby there arises in his soul the delight in and the love of God, the supreme and changeless Good…Free choice alone, if the way of truth is hidden, avails for nothing but sin: and when the right action and the true aim has begun to appear clearly, there is still no doing, no devotion, no good life, unless it be also delighted in and loved.  And that it may be loved, the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts, not by the free choice whose spring is in ourselves, but through the Holy Spirit which is given us.” (Emphasis added)

St. Augustine The Spirit and the Letter (Section V)

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