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What is Scripture?

One of the reasons God brought Kim and I to the Boston area was for me to grow in my skill as a preacher. Within the first few days of arriving God in His providence brought me an opportunity to preach. Over the next couple of months I will be helping out a church in Manchester, NH, that needs some preaching help as they go through a time of transition. I was asked by their interim pastor if I would be willing. I preached today for the first time as a “guest preacher” and was blessed by the congregation. Their website in transition is here. We are going through a twelve week series on basic doctrines of the Christian faith and I was lucky enough to get to spend this morning on Scripture. If you would like to hear the sermon it can be found here. I’ll be back up in New Hampshire again this coming weekend working on “What is Prayer?” I’m very blessed to have this opportunity with the people at Southside and glad they will stay awake for a student of preaching like myself. Soli Deo Gloria.

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