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What is the Atonement?

Yesterday I preached at Southside Bible Fellowship in Manchester, NH, as part of a 12 week doctrinal foundations series. They have graciously welcomed me continually as a guest preacher in their pulpit and I have been blessed by them. I was tasked with explaining the atonement and it’s implications for our lives as Christians, a tough task if you ask me. The atonement is messy and theologically complicated. I struggled with how to preach on the atonement in an accessible manner and think I did a pretty good job. It’s much easier for me to flow into high theological explanation and miss the bottom of the ladder of abstraction. If you’re sitting and home and are wondering what the “atonement” is, then feel free and have a listen.

The doctrine of the atonement is the means by which God redeems His people from sin. The purpose of the sermon is to draw our hearts to praise and glorify God because of the kind of God we find Him to be through this beautiful doctrine.

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