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Writings That Sanctify

Here is a list of books that have shaped me in incredible ways.  God’s providence is such that he gave these author’s the guidance to write about his incredible glory that would then shape countless souls in the years to come.  I am fortunate to have been steered and directed by friends, professors and colleagues to take these writings seriously.  If you would like to continue to see writings that I hold with the utmost esteem, check back on the Recommended Reading tab often as I will try to review the books that I read.  Here’s some incredible books that I have the utmost appreciation for.  I hope you might take my recommendation and “pick up and read”:

  1. St. Athanasius: On The Incarnation

  2. St. Augustine: Confessions

  3. John Calvin: Institutes of the Christian Religion

  4. Thomas Kempis: Imitation of Christ

  5. Brother Lawrence: Practice of the Presence of God

  6. C.S. Lewis: Four Loves, Mere Christianity and The Weight of Glory

  7. Martin Luther: Bondage of the Will and Freedom of the Christian

  8. J.I. Packer: Knowing God

  9. John Piper: Desiring God and Legacy of Sovereign Joy

  10. Jerry Sittser: When God Doesn’t Answer Your Prayers

  11. Gary Thomas: Sacred Marriage

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