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How the Bible Causes Delight in God

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You were created to delight in God. It’s in the DNA of how God wired you. God's Word aims at your delight. 


The Scripture is  given as a gift to you from God almighty. Stunning. This book is worth more than all worldly treasures combined. He has used the Bible for centuries to cause and stir delight for millions of Christians. 


God intends the words in His book to wake us in our worship and love and delight in Him. 


In this book you will understand the story of Scripture and Jesus’ love for you, you’ll grasp the purposes of the Bible, and you’ll grow in your trustworthiness in the reliability of God’s word. These parts all come together to awaken us to delight in the God we meet in the Bible. 


JT serves as Senior Pastor to Bellevue Presbyterian Church (EPC) in Gap, PA. He and his wife Kimberly have three darling kids, Sophia, Corinne, and Jasper.

JT studied for his Th.M. in Homiletics at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, his M.Div. at Princeton Theological Seminary, and his B.A. in Theology at Whitworth College.

JT enjoys woodworking and gardening as his two main hobbies to get the hands moving. Two of his favorite books are Augustine’s Confessions and John Piper’s Desiring God. In 2016 JT was published as a contributor in A Collection of Essays on Jonathan Edwards published by the Jonathan Edwards Society. He has a smattering of other articles published as well.

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In 2017 the Westminster Society, in an effort to proclaim and advance the basic beliefs and confessional fidelity of the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, formed a publishing arm, The Westminster Society Press. It is a central tenet of this press to present winsome, unifying, and biblical publications to help further our mission to glorify the Lord in all we do. 

The Westminster Society exists as a networking group within the Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Devised originally as a forum in which pastors, ruling elders, and laypersons could talk together about theology and church life, the Westminster Society desires to keep our denominational conversations centered around Scripture, as well as framed within the boundaries of our confessional standards. 

We hope everything we publish will be of lasting value to you in your life and ministry, encouraging you in all things to seek the glory of God. To that end we commend the Westminster Society Press. 


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